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The Beehive News

Honey Just Got Funny

4 November 1973
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About me: Busy mom of two kids 9yrs and 6yrs old (don't worry the husband is around :-)

Places of residence for the past 19 years: Moscow, Russia - New York - New Jersey - Washington, DC - Maryland - New York - New Jersey - Maryland

Occupation: hopeless scientist (OK not that hopeless :-)

My journal: it's just series of short notes about anything and everything, and of course about everyday life and my “crazy” family. And yes, our household kind of looks like a beehive where we are all buzzzzing about our business. If you are looking for a hot discussion about meaning of life or want to blog about why Yankees didn't win this season playoffs, most likely you came to the wrong "buzz around the town" :-) But hey I still might be willing to buzz a little about that too! I'm very social creature after all :)

Political views: moderate centrist, but as it comes down to my fiscal views and economy then I’m more of a republican there. I’m very strong pro-Israel. I’m feminist, more of a libertarian feminist, probably a latent libertarian as well :)

On top of everything I’m also moderating two forums: ru_fem_forum (discussions about feminism) and biopharma_jobs (professionals working for biotech or pharmaceutical industry can discuss careers and job searches at this forum)

The rules of engagement in this LJ are very simple it’s basically all comes down to one rule: I don’t mind the opposition, but what I do mind is nasty or aggressive attitudes. Lets just say I don't respond well to intimidation. If u disagree with my rules, then it’s either my way or a highway, I'll shoot u down! ;)If you are still not sure how appropriately treat me, then perhaps you’re in a desperate need of this little tutorial ;)


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